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Eddison Walters will support President Trump's Agenda in Congress

Small Business: Create an environment that encourages entrepreneurship by addressing the issue to help revitalize of family businesses and mom and pop shops in today's globalized economy

Propose legislation to provide small businesses with easier access to capital, expedite the access to working capital which will allow small businesses to respond in a rapidly changing global environment; require SBA to make some streamline loan application processes available

U.S. Manufacturing: Promote policies to restore America's manufacturing base which is critical for America to continue as the world leader in innovation and technology

International Trade: Support President Trump renegotiation of fairer trade deals U.S.

Affordable Home Ownership: Eddison Walters is committed to Dodd Frank repeal

Infrastructure: Support policies to rebuild our nation's crumbling infrastructure

Nation Debt: Balance our budget and reduce national debt

Education and Job Training?: Close the skills gap by preparing high school graduates to compete for jobs in the globalized economy straight out of high school 

End Illegal Immigration: Support President Trump's agenda to secure the boarder and end illegal emigration

2nd Amendment: Member of NRA, will fight to protect the 2nd Amendment

Support for Our Military and Law Enforcement: Promote policies to support the military and law enforcement



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