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We must adapt our laws and policies to account for the drastic changes in our economy that have occured over the last 25 years as a result of advancement in technology. In Business we are constantly reevaluating policies and adapting to the changing business environment. There are infective laws and policies that exist today which were put in place by our government over 1/2 of a century ago, yet we have failed as a government to effectively evaluate these law and policies to propose solutions to the problems our country face today. With President Trump in The White House, we have an opportunity to solve big problems that we have talked about for a long time.

Achieving The American Dream Act, a bold plan to solve big problems. We can’t solve big problems with same old small ideas.

While the Democrat Party continue to obstruct with no solutions to the problems facing our country, my bold new plan called “Achieving The American Dream Act” will allow the Republican Party provide solutions to a number of problems facing our country today.

  1. My plan will address the housing crisis across the country and significantly reduce the dependence on government housing assistance by providing every single American with the opportunity for homeownership through programs such as the Fannie Mae expanded loan approvals and down payment assistance. Real estate value levels in minority communities continue to be significantly depressed as a result of lending restrictions put in place by Obama era Democratic policies in response to the 2008 real estate crash. While real estate values in the rest of the country have rebounded, real estate values in many minority communities have not even recovered to 50% of the pre 2008 real estate crash value these properties once were. We must repeal elements of Dodd-Frank legislation restricting mortgage lending to provide access to mortgage lending for lower valued home to help restore real estate wealth in these communities. Today struggling families are paying $800 to $1200 and more in rent for a home that would cost them $300 to purchase before failed Obama era policies made these home too difficult to finance. The unintended consequence of failed Obama era economics policies that restricted lender fees for mortgages have result in property values in many minority communities becoming worthless because it has become too difficult to finance these properties. Investors are stepping in as cash buyers to purchasing these properties for next to nothing then charging outrageous rent leading to a housing crisis across this country. See link to article about how difficult it is to get a mortgage on what we once considered affordable housing.  
  2. My plan will address the issue of the wealth gap created after years of Obama era economic policies failures by shifting the focus from welfare dependence to wealth creation for low-income families through home ownership.
  3. My plan will reduce the burden of self-employment taxes for independent contractors and mom and pops shops earning less than $100,000 per year. The effect of this will be a significant increase in the effective income for the 50% of Americans currently self-employed as independent contractors and will drastically increase the success rate of new small businesses. 
  4. My plan will increase the rate of success for new small business startups by reducing the red tape associated with the SBA loans application process and provide greater access to capital small startup businesses.
  5. My plan will address the skills gap across the country by working directly with employers in the community to provide training and certification for skills needed by employers in less than six months.
  6. My plan will address a number of problems with the federal government approach to disability benefits and entitlements that have existed for a very long time, and fix Social Security and Medicare to ensure this safetynet is available for the next generation while maintaining current benefit levels.


Dr. Walters has experience working with small business, and economic development and will promote policies for continued economic growth and economic empowerment directed to every single American in District 22 including low-income and moderate-income voters.

Dr. Walters message developed as result of his 30 years of experience and his economic research, will deliver District 22 to the Republican Party in November.

Dr. Walters believe it is important to promote policies continued economic growth and policies that is also directed to help some Americans who continue to struggle in today's improved economic environment: While the Trump Administration policies have significantly improved the United States' economic outlook, there are still steps that must be taken to improve the economic outlook for many Americans. Our new global economy today have resulted in about 50% of Americans becoming employed as independent contractors. As a result self-employment taxes have become a tremendous burden for many families. Even families with income below the poverty level are subject to self-employment taxes. For those Americans who continue to struggle in today's global economy, such as small family business owners, mom and pop shops, small independent contractors, and small business start-ups, we must acknowledge their financial struggles and propose solutions such as a self-employment tax credit to address their situation and gain support in 2020. Dr. Walters take a strong position on the following issues;

The threat of tariffs on Mexico to force the government to address the issue of illegal immigration on the Southern Border was announced as part of his campaign platform earlier for Dr. Walters in 2018 long before the policy was adapted by the Trump Administration. The policy was adapted by the Trump Administration a number of months later and have been a very effective policy in addressing illegal immigration at the Southern Boarder. See link to survey completed in spring where Dr. Walters list the policy as part of his campaign platform.

The new globalized economy have created a new class of workers who are employed by multi-billion dollar technology companies and considered independent contractors. While we understand the importance that these workers maintain their status as independent contractors because of the flexibility that this status allow workers to have, we must also strike a balance and pass legislation to update current worker right protection laws to reflect the reality of our new global economy. In addition we must also provide these worker with a self-employment tax credit to address the burden of self-employment taxes these employees face.

In additional to leveling the playing field for employees working for technology companies as independent contractors we must also extend a self-employment tax credit to small family businesses and mom and pop shops that will allow small business earning less than $100,000 annually an opportunity to compete in today’s global market place. We must also provide small businesses earning less than $100,000 with easier access to capital by streamlining loan SBA application processes.

We must continue to renegotiate trade deal with China another countries. Dr. Walters position on United States trade policy taken from his dissertation research "Changes in FDI Inflows and Economic Growth and the Effect on Exports: The Aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis of 2007 and 2008' published in ProQuest Database in August 2018. "The prolonged period of very low growth in export of goods and services around the world subsequent to the Global Financial Crisis of 2007 through 2008 during the period 2010 through 2016 suggests the current United States policy pursued by the Trump Administration puts the United States in a very strong bargaining position to renegotiate trade agreements with the rest of the world. The fact, the United States is more orientated towards a service economy, combined with the prolonged period of low growth in export of goods and services around the entire world makes it critical for other countries around the world to resolve any trade disputes with the United States in a timely manner. Economies relying more heavily on manufacturing stand to suffer much greater negative impact from any prolonged trade dispute with the United States." We must restore American innovation by restoring America's manufacturing base. 

Democrats have launched a war against polices that help middle class families create wealth and help lift low income families out of poverty. Now they complain about the existence of a wealth gap across the country. Every single American must commit significant resources for housing allowance. This is not an option it is part of the basic living essentials. With this being the case, policies that deny the access to mortgage lending is bad policy. Low income families with no resources to invest in the market can accumulate wealth to help lift themselves out of poverty simply by making the payment on a mortgage instead of paying rent to a landlord every month. The appreciation of real estate value can result in significant tax free accumulation of wealth that can help lift families out of poverty. The same politicians in the Democratic Party who have accumulated significant wealth through real estate acquisition continue to promote policies that restrict home ownership for low income families for the past decade. One must ask the question; If real estate investments are suitable investments for politicians to accumulate wealth, why are Democrats supporting policies to deny access to real estate wealth accumulation for low income Americans?

We should promote affordable ownership for low-income and moderate-income communities by providing increased funding for down payment assistance programs: The negative effect of the real estate crash for low-income and moderate-income communities have been much more pronounced. While the other populations have recovered their real estate values, property value in low-income and moderate-income communities continue to be significantly lower than value preceding the real estate crash. Real estate wealth in low-income and moderate-income communities have been transferred from homeowners to wealthy investors as a result of policies developed base on the false conclusion of a real estate which did not exist, that was blamed for the real estate crash.

Create economic opportunities for low-income and moderate-income communities by the full repeal of Dodd-Frank: One Unintended consequences of Dodd-Frank Legislation have been an the exploitation of low-income and moderate-income communities where subprime mortgage lending with interest between 8% and 10%, have been replaced by payday loans, check cashing loans, merchants advance credit card loans and pawn shop loans with APR of 240% or higher in most cases.

Dr. Walters calls for a law that will prohibit cryptocurrency from being issued by the private industry. The total control of monetary policy by the United States Central Bank has been critical to the United States economic success.  Dr. Walters takes a strong position against the development of cryptocurrency by private industry and will sponsor legislation to put an end to the development of what he views as shadow monetary policy that is a treat to the security of the United States financial system. It is critical for the United States government to maintain full control of all currency issued in the United States. Allowing the development of cryptocurrency by private industry present significant risk to the United States and the world economic well-being. The control of issuing even a fraction of the currency circulated in the United States puts at risk the ability for effective monetary policy  by the United States government in the future.

I support President Trump agenda to ensure parents have school choice so no child is stuck in a failing public school. We must close the skills gap by preparing high school graduates for jobs in the globalized economy.

We must protect Social Security benefits for seniors, and ensure Medicare benefits are protected for the next generation. 

We can reduce the national debt by addressing the trade deficit gap and promoting pro-growth economic policies.

We must rebuild our nation's crumbling infrastructure.

We must protect 2nd Amendment Rights.

We must support Religious Freedom.

We must support Our Military and Law Enforcement.

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